Oh My Tacky Yard

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This week, our neighbor was cleaning out his basement.  The kids happened to be outside, and he happened to offer them bags of his old treasures.  I agreed to them accepting the gifts as long as they stayed in the back yard.

I haven’t seen so much excitement over plastic in a long time!  They went hog wild, hanging eggs on the trees, bushes, and my favorite: the alley fence.

Jack specially put up the black cat (not sure where that fits in the Easter theme going here), to scare away the ever-dreaded “Alley Cat”.  The very first day we moved here, I woke up hearing a meowing sound, only to find a black and white cat standing in our bedroom looking up at me.  I screamed, thinking it was a skunk at first.  Learning it was only a cat, I escorted it downstairs to the basement, where I shooed it outside through the outside doors which we had forgotten to close the night before.  Mystery solved.  Ever since then, however, we have spotted it here and there in our yard, and the kids get all in a tizzy.  I’m glad Jack came up with this idea.

Pretty scary!

So, even though I’m pretty much anti-plastic-decorations, I felt it was worth it to see the joy on their faces as they arranged each egg carefully throughout the yard.

Tacky to the enth degree, but perfect as well.

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