Willow’s Day

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Life is so beautiful.  Today I had the privilege of going to the smallest funeral I have ever attended.  The baby was in a tiny wooden box, about the size of a man’s hand.  Inside, a life that just one day ago was warm and cozy inside her mother’s womb, lay still, but spoke volumes to our hearts.  Sixteen weeks old, her hand barely covered half of her mama’s fingernail.  Her feet, about the height of a penny, never touched earthly soil, but now they skip and play on golden streets.  The beauty of the spring sunshine and barely green willow trees framed the morning perfectly.  We all gathered under the weeping willow tree which marks her earthly tie.  Friends and family who mourn, stand, hope, and love.  There is courage on her parents’ faces, as they trust in the Maker of life who gave and took away.  On the faces of her two brothers and two sisters, there is pride in their baby sister, who made it to Heaven first.  We’re told to mourn with those who mourn, and my heart aches with these amazingly special friends.  Yet, what joy and comfort we have, knowing she is being kept safe in Heaven for you.


One thought on “Willow’s Day

  1. Amy – Patrick and I both read this and it brought fresh tears.. Thank-you for this beautiful tribute! She truly is an angel with Jesus!
    Love you – Mj

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