Irregular Aberrations

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There are many unusual things around our house.  Out of place.  Puzzling.  Strange.  Aberrant, not typical sights, but more common than I realized.  I actually never noticed these peculiar highlights until my friend Susan pointed out a marker stuck in the candle jar inside the bathroom.  Ever since then my eyes have been peeled for such irregular sights.  This happens to be one of my favorites.  Tea bags left in the flower pot by a nameless guest.  They’re still there, because they make me smile when I think of her.

This week I looked up to find this sight:

Nerf gun fights have been in full array here these days.  It must have been a fun target to hit, jingling with each shot.  This reminds me that it’s high time for the mistle-toe to be lovingly tucked away into the Christmas bins.  I’m not sure how it missed being packed for so long.  Must be that I have other things which keep me busy.


One thought on “Irregular Aberrations

  1. Love the mistletoe…makes me feel like a better mother knowing others do the same thing: allowing Easter decorations to linger till Halloween, using up 4th of July napkins at Thanksgiving, etc. Maybe our homes should just be a menagerie of holidays all year long. It would definitely save us time:) Missing you and your lovely family…

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