Highlights of Today

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Although spring has sprung, today the fuzzy sweaters and cozy moccasins were pulled out for another encore.

Elsie somehow manages without too many layers.  Her accessories of late include this prized necklace that Nadine bought for her with her Awana Bucks, and a sparkly home-made headband from Aunt Heidi.  Her motto is: never leave home without them!

There was a full-out battle today with bow, sword, marshmallow blaster, and old tv-video game gun cut lose from its wires.

I think we won.

Highlights included: chia seed pancakes at supper, vacuuming the living room, memorizing verses in Jack’s bed with him and Elsie, sitting in the sunshine, listening to Jonathan Antoine, soaking up Betty’s baby browns, and sipping some hot tea numerous times throughout this colder day.

Happy Tuesday!


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