No More Flush Button

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Right now the house is quiet.  The girls are playing monopoly and Betty joined the boys on a Home Depot run.  Tonight we’re getting a new toilet for the powder room downstairs!  This is such hip hip hooray news for me!  No longer will I have to explain to guests how they must take the lid off the tank, touch this wacky thing inside the tank, then press and hold the flush button before anything will go down the tubes.  There will hopefully be no more funky smells wafting through the mysterious small cracks around the base of the current porcelain seat.  I am a happy girl, indeed.

Today we ran errands, and it was fun to bless the kids with their very own silly putty.  Staples had a good deal, and they have been playing with it non-stop all afternoon.  I must remember to check pockets this week, because yes, I have made that fateful mistake of throwing silly putty into the load of laundry.  It’s not so silly anymore.

Speaking of laundry, there are clothes to take off the line, supper still to clean up, and piles of papers that reproduced overnight without my permission.  I should hop to it before the home improvement team comes back any minute.  The moment I realized how quiet it was here, I knew I had to push those things to the back burner and just sit.  It’s vital to my soul to take time to reflect on God’s goodness for a few quiet moments.  Just as Matthew walked out the door he commented how our landlords really are the bomb.  God has blessed us richly and when I feel like complaining or giving in to that ungrateful spirit that wells up inside my heart over trivial things… I am reminded of how far He has blessed us.  All the way up to today He has held us, guided us, and showered blessings into our life.  Tonight that bounty comes in the form of a clean, white toilet!


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