This Cape Is Broken

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Some say a mom is a superwoman.  I don’t agree.  Didn’t superman do things that were humanly impossible?  As a wife and a mom, my every day tasks are not only human, but they are possible.  Difficult at times, yes, but possible.  If we were called to be superwomen then we were called to be failures.  God never calls us to do anything He has not created and fitted us to do.  I’m often comparing myself to other women whom I find quite beyond the natural realm of reality.  Is it really possible to… ?  Fill in the blank.  While watching my boys catapult off trampolines might not be super difficult for me, making my bed requires great strength.  Perhaps keeping your countertops spotless might come with ease and almost delight for you, yet it is more challenging than childbirth for me.  We are crafted so uniquely and beautifully different from eachother.  I would like to say I admire your ability to color-coordinate all your childrens’ clothes, rather than say I wish I was like you.  I want to be inspired when I visit your clean and organized home and not be jealous towards you.  This notion of doing something well as being synonomous with being superwoman is just nonsense.

Every day is a perfect example of how superwoman has flown the coop here.  One such occurrence out of many today, came when I saw not one but two snakes about to go into our basement from the outside doors.  I screamed so loud for Elijah and Jack to rescue me.  Chicken that I am, I ran inside and watched them through the laundry room window, as they tried to coax one of  the snakes onto the dustpan.  Yep.  Definitely void of any super-human powers in the slithering department.  Unlike my brave mother who hacked a poisonous snake to death to save her babies from possible death.  That is indeed super-human and I know God gave her the strength to do that fearful task.

We each have a power beyond our own, readily available to us.  It is not our “inner self” or anything of ourselves at all.  It is the all-powerful God who created us.  Nothing is too hard for Him.  The moment we think we’re super, we fall flat on our face.  For it is God who is producing in you both the desire and the ability to do what pleases Him.

Superwoman, hand over your cape.  Oh, and here’s a band-aid..


One thought on “This Cape Is Broken

  1. Aim,

    I always love what you have to say… about life, about God, about your family. And mothers (nannies, too!) can always use the reminder that they don’t have to be superwomen to survive. Oh, and everyone loves your family, whether they’re color-coordinated or not! : )


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