Slimy Breakfast


This morning I ate something I’ve never tried before, but read much about.  Odorless, tasteless, dissolves instantly in liquid… well, they actually expand in liquid.  Poured into some mango juice, they were completely palatable.  Chia seeds.  Yum.  Really, not that bad.  I’ll let you know if I notice increased or at least sustained energy!  We have been walking down quite a unique road for the past three weeks.  White flour is being replaced by the different colors, shapes and sizes of seeds and grains.  Matt has been eating gluten-free, raw, whole foods with an occassional vegan cooked meal thrown in there.  I’m slower to get on the band wagon.  Old haunts call my name from the cupboards that are slowly being emptied of food that has become normal to me.  A new normal is taking their place.  I’m excited but nervous.  Why I should be nervous to embrace a lifestyle that guarantees more health benefits?  I guess because change brings out this hidden fear inside most of us.  There is also a huge learning curve as I sprout and dehydrate different concoctions to make bread that he can eat.  The reasoning behind all this change is really just a culmination of seven years of being plagued by Wegener’s Disease.  Seven years of unsuccessful and expensive medicine, surgeries, and relapses.  We’re determined to give God a chance to heal Matthew by using the things He has already created.  He is able!

2 thoughts on “Slimy Breakfast

  1. YEAH!!!!! You will NOT regret this change!!!! It’ll be hard some days, but I’d say the 1st 2 weeks are the hardest. Good for you guys! I bet a holistic dr. could totally help Matt out! So proud of you guys and if you need any encouragement/help/hints, etc just let me know!

  2. Eat hemp!!!!

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