Pixie Dust That Glows

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Four years ago our little Elsie Rose was born.  On Sunday we celebrated that joyful day!

There was a constant sense of urgency throughout my pregnancy, and the doctors wanted her born by her due date or else they told me I would have a C-section.  Long story short, she was born on her due date, just after midnight, six hours before they had me scheduled for a C-section.  I wasn’t planning on showing up for it, but it was such a relief not to have to go through with fighting them about it.  She was born in a hurry… my birth record sheet says 3 minutes from 6cm to when she was in my arms.  It was intense and hugely powerful.  She has always been a super independent little girl.  Her curls have straightened out a bit this year, but her personality is just the same.  She still enjoys changing outfits throughout the day, coloring for hours on end, and playing princess with anyone.  Yesterday she got Jack to play princess with her because she let him wear her new birthday ring.  It worked like a charm!  That boy loves jewelry, sticks, rocks, shiny things, oh, and his new orange bandana that his Uncle Jon gave him this weekend.  He told me that he’s going to wear it forever. 
This weekend, while Matthew and I relished having two nights away at a marriage retreat with church friends, the kids had fun at Grandma Weldon’s.  It was awesome that Aunt Heidi and Uncle Jake kept a running list of funnies that they said.  The one that sticks out in my head is that when Betty was getting her diaper changed Elsie said she didn’t like poopy diapers.  Jack then reassured her that, “There won’t be any poopy diapers in heaven.”


This week Betty has been sporting a tiny Pebble-ish pony tail on top of her head.  The loud squawking sounds she belts out speak volumes, as do her brown eyes.

It’s hard to resist such cuteness.  She stood by the coffee table, and waited for someone to shell out the chocolate cupcakes.  She is an unashamed lover of chocolate.


One of Elsie’s presents was a specially made-by-Jack cardboard robot named “Elsie-bot”.  She was proud to hold it up in front of herself and be a robot.  I love their creative ideas.

I’m so thankful for my Elsie Belsie Rosie Tootsy Pooky Cutie Pie.  (Those are lyrics from a sweet song her Aunt Heidi wrote about her.)  In fact, I think I will close with that song.  It sums her up so perfectly.

Curly hair, button nose, big brown eyes and pretty painted toes. 
Oh, how I love my Elsie Rose.
Here she comes, there she goes, with  fairy friends and pixie dust that glows
Oh, how I love my Elsie Rose.

In polka dots and pretty bows,
Busy Town is where she likes to go. 

Elsie Belsie Rosie Tootsy Pooky Cutie Pie.  She’s my Elsie Rose!  I love you so!


One thought on “Pixie Dust That Glows

  1. Once again you’ve touched my heart. I was supposed to be in NY holding my new grandson Aiden, along with Max and Seth. Unfortunately a case of
    bronchitis has kept me away from them and my heart is aching to be with my kids! Thank you for another glimpse at your precious family. Pray that I will be with mine soon! Love to all, Aunt Lisa

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