A Beautiful Birthday

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Today was my birthday, and it was truly a special day.  All week, the moment I sink into the driver’s seat before going somewhere, the kids have broken out into a hearty rendition of “Happy Birthday”.  I’ve felt the excitement growing.  I love birthdays.  Then this morning it arrived!  I woke up and was served a delicious waffle and hot tea by my husband.  He took the entire day off work just so I could have some time alone.  He shooed me out of the house and I perused thrift stores and had lunch at my favorite cafe with a good book to keep me company.  I perused more thrift stores and didn’t feel the rush of people needing me.  The press to answer questions and solve problems was lifted for a few glorious hours.  Notes, messages, a few cards and lots of love was poured out today.  Matthew took the kids out on a mystery trip and came home with something I’ve always wanted but would never buy for myself: a glass tea-pot and flowering tea.  Nadine mopped the floors for me.  Then, I invited some girl friends over for some much-needed hang-out time.  When my sister arrived, she said she brought one more thing with her.  Thinking she forgot something in the car, I just about fainted when my other New York State-dwelling sister popped out from around the corner!  What a delight to see her face and laugh our guts out all together.  I’m so bummed I never asked my fabulous photographer friend to take a picture of us sisters together.  But, here is a snapshot of my day in part:

Chocolate,flowers, tea, sisters, friends, messages, more tea, surprise packages, drawings, and many renditions of “Happy Birthday” have made today so incredibly delicious.


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