Alternators and Roses

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Everyday joys in my life include sunny days in February and water-gun fights.  Water-gun fights that lead to washing the van with buckets of water.  My oldest daughter wearing my rain boots and they fit.


Little helpers and sweet by-standers.

Big brother who knows just how to make little sister smile.

This week, it was time for Betty to try her sweet self out in the cozy coupe car.  Even though her little feet didn’t quite reach the pedals, I mean, ground, she still had a blast.  Elsie is a good play mate and loved pushing her up and down the sidewalk.

I am reminded, however, that we all have a breaking point.  A time when life gets crazy and our hair stands on end and we just want to say, “Aaaaaah!”

I’ve had some of those hair-standing-on-end kind of days this week.  Matt’s truck broke down again and after a state trooper pushed it from the Schuylkill Expressway (Sure Kill Distressway, for those of you locals) to the King of Prussia Mall, he was rescued by my brother-in-law.  The next day we spent a couple hours in the parking lot with the wind blowing furiously at us.  He successfully changed the alternator and now it’s purring, or at least working again.  I can still hear him coming home from about a block away, but it’s a comforting sound.  Sometimes hard days produce lovely endings, like when Matthew comes home from work with a handful of these beauties.

There are many many busy hours in my day.  I love sitting down in the evening with my herbal tea and flipping through pictures in my head or on the computer.  It’s quiet.  The noise is somehow frozen into silence in those pictures, but I can still hear their voices and squeals and chatter.  Last night we baked two cakes.  The boys decorated one and the girls decorated the other.  We enjoyed the special treat and made a mess.  Jack’s mouth turned blue and my fingers are somehow pink.  It was so much fun!

 Life is beautiful, especially when it involves a snazzy blue cake and pink deco cupcakes loaded with red-hots.  My life is full of ordinary days sprinkled with extraordinary joys.


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