Scrumptious Birthday

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Last weekend, we celebrated Rachel’s 11th birthday.  Rachel is my niece, and she’s a special girl to all of us.  Her recent long stay in the hospital was so difficult.  How thankful to see her happy, cheerful face again!  There was a lot of love and craziness going on the other night!

This little munchkin with a heart on her bum, knocks my socks off every day.  She personally doesn’t care for socks herself and pulls them off whenever she can.  Her sweet baby booties are just about too small for her, but they keep her feet deliciously warm.

Speaking of delicious, her eyes are so chocolatey.  She’s sweeter than the peppermint patty that I’m eating right now.

This one is growing up too fast for her mama.  Some days I’m lost between the fact that she’s not five anymore, and that double digits are upon us this year.  

Birthdays are special because they celebrate special people.  After cake and more cake, what party isn’t complete without the Oreo game?  I was thrilled to catch my first cookie ever, playing this game.  Usually it gets caught pirate-style, in the hollow above my cheekbone.  This time it slipped straight into my mouth and surprised me more than anyone!

Life is sweet when it’s full of children and birthdays and cookies.


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