The Open Book Test

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“If I give you all the answers, then you’ll never learn!”  I said in a more exasperated voice than I meant to towards my daughter.  The statement turned around, looked me in the face and seemed to echo back to my ears: say what?

I’ve been thinking about it ever since.  Sometimes things pop out of my mouth, then backfire in a way that make me a little uncomfortable.  I feel a bit silly.  Those oh-so-wise-sounding words are like boomerangs sailing from my mouth back to my heart.  Trust me.  Be nice.  Be patient.  Oh, and stop yelling, for crying out loud!  Oops.

Artwork by Jack.  Sometimes I feel like the one on the left.  Or the right.

Honestly, I’m going through a ton of learning right now.  No answers are  being shelled out to me.  Real life questions, like how & why, are prevalent in my every day.  They are like English lesson 53 is to my daughter.  She cries out for answers, yet to give in to her  pleads would be to rob her of really mastering that bit of education put before her.  In the same way,  I cry out for the answers.  His voice answers in a very familiar way, telling me that I’ll never learn if He just tells me all the answers.  Trust is imperative to obedience.  The how’s, why’s and when’s will work themselves out as we trust in the Lord with all of our hearts.

I was reading in James last week, and on Sunday heard a sermon on James chapter 1.  The similarities to what I have been thinking about and going through were so striking.  The tests God gives us are to see if we have learned anything.  He knows us so deeply, and He deems us ready to take the very test we are experiencing.  Sometimes He tests us because He wants to hear from us.  I know that is something I need to improve upon: my communication with Him.

There is a ton of learning yet to be done.  I hope that I can guide my children towards the truth without giving them all the answers.  I pray that they will use God’s word to seek out all of the answers to life’s questions.  It’s an Open-Book test every single day.  How thankful I am that He gently leads those with young… because I have five young, and I need leading.


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