The First Decade


The white dress hung on my closet door, its thick satin hem hugging the floor.  The layers of tulle under its skirt made me feel like a princess before I even wore it.  There were no shoes waiting for me to slip on Cinderella-style… I was going African-style, barefoot and fancy-free.  I closed my eyes for the last time as a single woman and woke up ready to marry the man of my dreams.  Ten years ago. I was wrapping flowers in ribbons, and reading over my vows with nervous excitement.  I was so ready to embark on this awesome thing called marriage.  

When the time came to walk down the green carpet that I pretended was grass on my bare feet, my dad had tug my arm back a bit to keep me from running down the aisle towards Matthew.  The ceremony was so beautiful, and so long, and so short, all at once.  Our lips had never touched and I just couldn’t wait to seal our commitment with a kiss never to be forgotten.  His face was so young.  We never know how we will change.  Ten years ago.

We vowed that we would never leave each other until death separated us.  We vowed before God and many witnesses.  We vowed that we would love one another through sickness and health, good times and bad, in rich times and in poor.  We’ve experienced so much in ten years, and we still say “I do”.  

When we fell asleep side by side for the first time, it was the most thrilling thing I have ever experienced.  It is still my favorite thing about being married.  It is pure, holy, and excellent.  The greatest theft from our marriage are those few nights when we have been unable to resolve something before falling asleep, and the closeness of our bed turns from being a blessing into a curse.  The foothold that the devil can steal from under us is so great during those times.  The flip-side is that when we repent and forgive, the depth of ground regained is even greater than that stolen in the first place.  Making up is a beautiful thing.

Ten years of loving, giving, taking, repenting, crying, forgiving, communicating, laughing, babies, toddlers, kids, traveling, trusting, growing, and changing… it has been the best decade of my life.  Matthew, let’s get married again!


3 thoughts on “The First Decade

  1. Amy, you have such a way with words! I remember your day…I wasn’t there, but across the world in Cameroon. I was so sad not to be there, but was so happy for you! AND! I will always remember your anniversary, as you share it with my parents. 🙂 I would also like to say that you should do this blog thing professionally. You know, get ads on here, etc. I do believe many would read and your readership would grow huge! You are so talented in your writing and have a way of just sucking us in! 🙂 I love you! You’ll always be my other little “sister!” Happy Anniversary to you and Matthew!

  2. Congrats on ten years together, Amy! I can’t believe it has flown by! I remember this day, or the day or so before it, actually. Hannah and I drove in two nights before, in order to help decorate. I remember how much fun we had getting the after-Christmas trees to decorate with, filling buckets with sand (or was it rocks?) to put them in, and buying after-Christmas white lights to hang everywhere. It all came together, though, and we had such fun doing it, and were so happy to be helping your special day.

    I still have my pictures, somewhere (pre-digital) of you coming down the stairs in your wedding dress, and showing off your bare feet. And all your bridesmaids looking beautiful in their variety of black dresses. I was so thrilled to help make your day special.

    Since then, I’ve been delighted to know you and read your blog, when I’m usually too far away to catch up. Your family is so fun and your example of wifehood and motherhood only makes me look more and more forward to the day that I get to experience it as well. Here’s wishing you another 70+ years of such wedded bliss!


    • THANK you, Rachel, for all your help that day! I remember too! You and Hannah meticulously tying little bows on those favors… Thanks for bringing back some of your thoughts and memories from that day. =)

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