To: You

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Christmas this year was full of mixed emotions.  When I found out that one of my dearest friends lost her dad very suddenly, two days before Christmas, the sadness that mingled with joy was so palpable.  It was like oil and vinegar that just don’t mix.  So often the ache kept rising to the top.  Knowing that someone is spending Christmas with the One we’re celebrating is joyous too… just hard for the ones left behind.  It made me extra thankful for every moment spent with our family this weekend!

This is the first Christmas morning we have ever woken up in our own house!  It was a lot of fun to host the Weldon family.  One of the highlights was talking to Will & Rebecca on facetime.  Matt put them in a bowl of coffee beans so we could all stand around and see them… it was hilarious.  We miss them terribly and would gladly have given up coffee to have them with us!  What a treat to see and hear them, though!

The cinnamon rolls and monkey bread were a hit.  There were light sabers and nerf darts galore.  Battleship, puzzles, and other classic games are being played as I write.

The whole day was wrapped in coziness and love.

One of my favorite presents to give, was this chess/checkerboard table for Matthew.  The table was rescued by Rebecca about four years ago when Matt’s parents moved.  It was black and somewhat ugly.  She saw beauty in the rough, painted it white, and her daughter used it as an art table.  When they moved to Italy, she gave me the table to take care of and I decided to paint a checkerboard on it.  My friend Emily came to my rescue with baby food jar lids so I could complete the project with checker pieces!  I spray painted each lid with brown and white and the opposite-colored star from a stencil I cut out of a little card.  My hands were mysteriously covered in brown paint for three days, but it was super fun to make!

My favorite gift that I received was a home-made necklace from Matt’s sister, Heidi.  She made this fabulous piece out of an old spoon!  I love the class, charm, and uniqueness of it.

With every present under the tree, came the reminder again of the best gift of all.    A child was born with simplicity and everything natural that a baby brings.  He was simply wrapped in cloth.  A fanfare of shepherds and stable animals welcomed him into this world.  His destiny was our salvation.  From: God.  To: You.  Merry Christmas!

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