December Rain and Some Sparkle

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It’s raining outside.  I’m fine with that.  We got our farm run in today, returns done, bananas bought, and everyone is finally asleep.  I say finally, because usually they do well going to bed, but tonight the boys decided to be silly and put on almost every pair of pajamas they owned.  I know they miss their daddy, and things get a little hairy around here when we miss our daddy.

As said yesterday, there was something special planned for our date last night.  Someone’s wish came true.  Nadine has been hoping to get her ears pierced for a long time.  On our date, we did just that.  Her excitement was through the roof!  She looks so grown up and stylish with her new bit of sparkle.

It’s been a challenging week with Matthew gone in Philadelphia.  Despite the fact that I’ve been getting a lot accomplished, it’s been crazy.  Today alone, I had something extremely painful land on the bridge of my nose and now I have a nice cheery red mark and a bruise.  Then Jack fell head-long onto the sidewalk while racing at an insane speed on a toddler car.  I’ll give you a little tidbit of his conversation with Matthew on the phone:  “Daddy,” he said through tears, “I fell and hit my head and my brain is bleeding!”  I could hear a very concerned voice on the other end ask if I was there.  Jack handed the phone over to me and I reassured Matthew that it was just a bump, and that his skull was infact still intact and there was just some skin bleeding.  Jack is such a strong little guy, that when he gets hurt for real, he doesn’t really know what to do with himself.  He rested for a bit, enjoyed the undivided attention from mommy, and the last brownie, then perked up just fine.  He was pretty thrilled too that his hair covers the bump just right, because he doesn’t want anyone to see it.

Some moments today I felt a little overwhelmed, a little crazed.  I overheard Elsie say, “I’m freaking out!”  Yeah.  That’s about how I felt at some moments today.  Not sure where she heard that, though.  I’m trying to hold down this energetic fort, but at the end of the day, I feel a ton exhausted.  There is always someone needing me, that sometimes I go outside and sit in our van for two minutes.  Today I tried that trick.  Ten seconds later, a little happy face peered in the window at me and said very loudly, “The door is locked!” while she tried to open the car.  I smiled back and did nothing.  A minute later I went back inside feeling better.  I find that works better than locking myself in the bathroom, because in the bathroom I can still hear everyone, and inevitably someone always has to desperately pee at the same exact time I am desperately trying to have a time out.  All you moms out there, I understand.  I understand that even though you’re constantly surrounded by chaos and voices and little people, you can still feel lonely.  I understand that sometimes you talk to yourself, because it’s as close as you can get to an adult conversation.  I understand that two minutes of seclusion can be more priceless than a clean home.  I understand the vicious cycle of laundry, and the feeling of victory at folding the last shirt, only to realize that the bin you thought was empty, has magically re-filled with dirty clothes yet again.  I have first-hand experience with the dust bunny mystery.  It’s no mystery!  They hop out of the dust pan and back into the corners the moment my back is turned.

Yeah, this week has been challenging.  I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that Christmas is in two days.  Speaking of wrapping, I haven’t even started.  But, unlike my three-year-old, I’m not freaking out.  I’m enjoying the sound of rain in December.


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