Happy Winter

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I don’t think I’ve ever put those two words together at the same time.  African blood runs too thick in my veins to really think that winter can be happy.  But I’m embracing it, because it’s part of life, part of where we are, part of God’s creativity.  There have been some special things that have happened this week that have eased me into this somewhat dreary time for me.  A secret bag of treats left on our front porch one night while I was in the basement exercising.  Popcorn, Christmas socks, and other treats warmed our hearts.  Then, a special  package from a friend.  The love that came pouring out of that package was tangible. It was  full of creatively wrapped Christmas presents.  One of those delights was this amazing costume Sarah made.  Folks, a pink super-hero has joined the ranks.   Elsie calls the mask her “goggles” and she kicks grumpies out the door with her cuteness.  Grouchiness (at least in me) runs far far away at the sight of her pink polka-dot cape.  Stress is relieved by the smiles this super-cute-hero produces.  I highly recommend adding a super- hero into your Christmas mix.

My favorite color is red.  I love pops of red all over my house and bursts of red on me and my kids.  So when I saw these shoes at the thrift store yesterday for $2, it was a no-brainer.  I would love to sport shiny red shoes.  I in fact have red heels that make my feet hurt so badly, but I wear them once a year because they make my heart beat faster.  This girl makes me smile so much, and these red shoes… they make my heart glow!  Thanksgiving meets Christmas here.

This week Matthew is working in Philadelphia on the 30th floor of some condos!  To save gas, he is taking the train back and forth from his parents’ house, so we miss him around these parts!  It makes anticipating this weekend even sweeter.  Tonight is date night with Nadine, and thanks to a wonderful friend offering a sleepover for Elsie, and a wonderful Grandma to watch the other three, we will have a blast.  I have a super-fun secret tucked up my sleeve, and I can hardly wait to share what it is!  I’m plenty busy preparing for being the host of this year’s celebration!  Our home will be bursting at the seams, which is just how I like it.

 There is always room for super-heros and red shoes, though!  

Happy Winter!

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