Star of Wonder Giveaway


During the in-between moments of the past few days I’ve been cutting, folding and gluing these Christmas ornaments.  Made from recycled cardboard and old sheet music, they are sure to add whimsical charm to any tree!  Today I’m excited to give away one of these oranaments to two people!  Leave a comment, telling me what theme your Christmas tree is this year and whether you prefer white or colored lights, and tomorrow I will announce the winners!  I’m completely stoked about my first give away!


11 thoughts on “Star of Wonder Giveaway

  1. Great idea!
    Among other things we may have an African theme (or at least one special decoration/map in the shape of Africa or Congo in honor of Paul still with us). Hope to decorate Friday with white lights.

  2. CUTE!!! I have a hodge podge theme on my tree – ornaments from my childhood, gifted ornaments, the ornaments Paul and I have bought each year representing the past year, handmade ornaments… I’ve got a theme of love going on 😉

    But I am all for WHITE lights!

  3. Not sure we have a theme but burgundy/wine seems to be the “theme” color. WHITE lights only! These star decoration are wonderful! Love them.

  4. No theme…we let our kids decorate the tree . A mismosh of ornaments handed down and given as gifts, as well as ones homemade by our littles! Love white lights on the tree. Love anything homemade by Amy:-)

  5. Amy–lovely ornaments! My tree is a silver/mercury glass theme with small white lights…about 1500 of them. I’d be honored to add a star to the mix.

  6. Our theme: Ornaments of memories gone by. Some are almost 65 years old and are part of my childhood, some bring back moments with our children, now grown with children of their own, some of vacations together and still others are gifts that were given to me during my teaching career. Each is special, each hold a place in my memory bank. Every once and awhile I will find something new to add to our decorations- and then they too bring a warm, joy each year as they are given a place on our tree

  7. I trim the tree with the different ornaments David has made over the years and also the ones made for me by the children I take care of during the day. I fill in any empty spots with ornaments from my childhood days. I guess you could call the them “Lots of Good Memories”. As for the lights I like color so color it is.

  8. White lights for sure, though I do think of my childhood whenever I see a tree with multi-color lights and homemade ornaments. This is the first year I didn’t put up burgundy raffia bows, so there really isn’t a color theme. Our ornaments are a combination of homemade (by me & the kids), photo ornaments, others that we purchased to remind us of significant times, and still others were gifts. I’ve always dreamed of having a classically beautiful tree (think Pottery Barn!), but don’t think I could keep from putting up these keepsakes that hold so many memories. Your ornaments are lovely, Amy!

  9. I prefer white lights, and, like many of the others, our ornaments consist of ones collected over the years to remind us of significant events. My mom got us ornaments every year for Christmas to celebrate something that had happened over the year. She still does, actually. They range from funny (Brad got a blender one year because of a mess he made while making smoothies) to really touching. It’s so fun to put them up and remember. 🙂 I guess our theme is, “whatever makes us smile!”

  10. Hello Amy. How fun it must be to have a giveaway on your blog. I definitely prefer white lights on a Christmas tree. Owen and I do not have a Christmas tree yet this year. We both potentially are allergic to pine and can’t really afford a nice fake one. We have a garland over our fireplace though with white lights strung though it.

  11. awww man I am sooo bummed that i was 5 hrs away at my parents and did not get this email till now..booo!!! I looked at the picture before reading it and was like “wow what a creative idea..soo cute!!” I seriously need to do things like that for next year. My sister just told me this weekend she is going to have the kids make me some cute, cinnamon ornaments for next year too, as I left all our my married ornaments with my ex, when he left our marriage (not worth fighting over or the sad memories either). My kids ones are still at my parents, bc when my brother and sister got married they gave each of them all of their childhood ones, so when it came time for me, their tree would have been bare, so I said to just keep mine & I could see them when I visit 🙂 However, the last two years I am very much reminded that I need to start buying and making new ones….start anew! : ) : ) Not a sad time…an exciting one. : ) : ) Anyway, LOVE LOVE LOVE your starts Aim, again, I am amazed at your creativeness and how you have managed to have time to do it with all of your kids around. Love you!!!

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