Giving Strays a Purpose


Last year I saw this idea on a friend’s wall and tucked it away for twelve months.  I even had a special basket where I collected those stray socks all year long.  Now a basket of stray socks has become a unique advent calendar for our family!  In each sock I have put special surprises for the kids.  The rules are: whatever is in each sock must be shared.  If there is complaining, I get the surprise.  Simple!  Today Jack got to go first, and the surprise was a little paper Christmas tree.  That’s right!  Today we’re going to get our tree!  Stay tuned to see what is inside each sock this month!

Right now we’re going to get on our Christmas groove and find a tree!  I have an uncanny ability to pick much too large of trees, so this year I’ve been instructed to please be mindful of the height.  I’m stoked!


2 thoughts on “Giving Strays a Purpose

  1. This is such an awesome idea! You’re a cool mom 🙂

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