Cinnamon of Life


Today Jack asked me to put “that brown salt” in his oats.  We know it as cinnamon.  Cinnamon.  I’m so happy to write that without a little red line underneath it, to tell me that I’ve misspelled it yet again.  At 31 I have finally mastered how to spell cinnamon.  Anyway, thinking about cinnamon and every other spice jammed into my spice cabinet, I was thinking how bland food would be without them.  Also, how boring my life would be without aspirations.  Dreams are what give my life spice.  They are the cinnamon in my oatmeal.  (I just had to spell it out one more time).

I have a lot of dreams.  I dream of my room looking like the most romantic getaway at all times, instead of just a place to sleep.  I dream of showing Matthew the cities of London and Nairobi and taking a second honeymoon in Hawaii.  One day I will run a marathon.  One day I will write a book.  Why does God give us dreams?  Tonight Matthew & I were discussing this very thing.  One reason is so we can be doing.  We don’t generally wake up, realize a dream, and fulfill it all in the same day.  It takes years of doing that thing we love to do.  So do it.

Dreams are God’s way of writing down His goals for our lives.  I think He puts them there in our hearts for reasons beyond our present understanding.  When He inspires people to do things for His glory, we have no choice but to see what amazing things He will do through them.  We can either excuse ourselves, out of fear or doubt, from plunging in, or we can buckle up for the ride of our lives.  I feel the urgency of time running out.  I feel the increase around me of time-wasting nonsense.  No one has been blessed in this century with more hours in their day than the folks before us.

Some dreams are there for fun, and we should never use them as an excuse to compare or complain. I could get frustrated that I won’t be going to Hawaii for my anniversary, or I can be incredibly joyful that I have such an amazing husband, that if we spend our anniversary eating soup in our kitchen over a game of yahtzee, I will be thankful.  I could get frustrated that my dream of having a constantly clean house will not be seen in my lifetime, or I can be amazed at the energy and imaginative genius going on all around me every day.

A beautiful moment of five children loving books and each other all at the same time.  

Some dreams are put in our hearts for a reason.  We shouldn’t ignore them or think they’ll never happen just because they seem so impossible.  I could doubt that I’ll ever run a marathon, or I can get off my butt and run a mile today.  I can say, “Such and such will never happen,” or I can do what God has put before me to do today.  With my God all things are possible.  Every day my dreams are expanding, but today is what God has given me to unwrap.  Just like reading a book, we both wait to see how it will turn out, and we are in it.

For the next few days, maybe weeks, I will be reflecting on some things that were possible with God.  Some things were providential.  Some things came about from plain old hard work and persistence.  But God is in each and every circumstance.  I tend to forget that as I  wash dishes, fold laundry, break up fights, dish out oatmeal with cinnamon in it, fill up my car with gas, make supper, sweep the floors, check email, exercise, read, then fall into bed.  We need to reflect on what He’s done, enjoy what He’s doing right now, and be excited about what He’s about to do.  I need to stop being afraid of what I can’t see and plunge gung-ho ahead with what’s in my today.  With a dash of cinnamon, of course.


2 thoughts on “Cinnamon of Life

  1. Hey Amy thanks for that reminder of what life use to be when I had six little ones under foot and I too wondered if I’d ever have a really clean house again. It’s funny this last weekend we had a house full of grown up girls, as we often do and the house was a mess with pumpkin seeds everywhere and clothes and just stuff scattered about and I remember feeling that warmth inside that even though my house at times is clean and relatively tidy I love it when my young adult “children” are here. I look back at many of the dreams and goals that Ned and I had and some of them have come to be and others went out the door, but that’s ok because God had other things in mind . The fact that my children all love the Lord was our biggest goal and most important I might add that we as parents had. Sometimes when I reflect back on my life I think, ” well I could have done this or I could have done that” but God gave me the biggest job of all and that’s being a good wife (of course that may be debatable at times) and a good mother, after all isn’t that the most important job we’ll ever do? It’s funny when I look back at some of those dreams and goals now, I realize over the years how some of those things where silly or really not important but it kept me moving ahead and pushing on when the dishes were piled high or there were endless fingerprints on the walls….just a note there are still fingerprints on the walls. I praise the Lord everyday that my family still loves to be here and bring their friends and that above all this is a house where God is in command. So you keep dreaming and setting goals and keep remembering that there will always be laundry to do and messes to clean up but the time you spend with those precious little ones soaking up all that you can give them seems like moments and then they’re off setting their own goals and dreaming their own dreams. Thank you for sharing your thoughts as it pricks my memory of days gone by…. and days to come. After all we never stop dreaming:)

    • Thanks, Cathy. Really love hearing about your mommy days when your kids were little. You are such a great mom!!! Love peeking in to your life and seeing what it will be like for us in a few years. =) Thanks for the encouragement!

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