Fall or Snow Fall?

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There’s an old Cosby show line that my family likes to quote to eachother whenever the first snow falls.  We call someone up on the phone and say, “It’s snowing outside my window, is it snowing outside your window?”  It’s cute.  Unless it’s October.  
I certainly did not expect to see those white fluttery things while colorful leaves still hung on to their branches with all their might.  It was determined, that fall foliage!  The orange wasn’t quite ready to let go quite yet.  The green, not yet even having a chance to show off, clung with hearty strength through the entire day of snowfall.  
In our household, the bins in the basement that were not on the agenda to be surfaced and dumped and dug through in order to find gloves and hats and snowsuits to fit growing children… were indeed brought upstairs.  The snow was softly falling, but loudly called them outside to play.  
It teased the kids into thinking, winter is here!  
This mama was not fooled, however.  I, who think two months of cold is plenty enough cold, am not about to embrace even one more month of winter than what is on my calendar.  I was just starting to give fall a gentle hug hello, tentatively yet, as summer crocs and colorful flowers are still within sight of my reluctant wave goodbye. 
But there is no way that I will skip the glorious hues of fall just because one tricky snowfall tried to cover them all up in its white blanket.  Nope.  We have survived the blizzard of October and are on to a fall-ish November.  The winter bins went back down to the basement and will have their proper ceremony of unveiling when I’m ready.  It’s fall outside my window.  Is it fall outside yours?


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