Puzzles and Parties

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So for about two hours this morning I sipped tea and did a puzzle with Elsie at the kitchen table.  Every time she would finish she yelled, “YEAH!”  Then said, “Let’s do it ONE more time!”  In addition to that, she said a great many funny things.  She has a dry sense of humor and I just love to see it developing naturally more and more.  As you read her quotes, try to read them in a little high-pitched cute voice.  Just imagine Cinderella’s mice and she sounds so much like one of them.

When we walked into the kitchen to do the puzzle she breathed deeply and said,  “It smells like a birthday party!”  I realized that I had just lit a scented candle, so she must have picked up on the lingering smoke smell of the match.  I love how strong our sense of smell is, and how that tiny scent conjured up an entire birthday party in her mind.

As she ate grapes, she would take a bite, and start to move all around.  “I’m shaking my food,” she said.  “Why?”  I asked.  “So it stays in.”  Of course.  We should all shake our food.

When I asked her what she wanted to do on our date next month she said, “Get a shot.”  I made sure I understood her correctly.  “I wish you could be a doctor and give me a shot.  I wish you could be a doctor with pretty shoes.”  It was said so mournfully.  I must have missed my calling… in both departments!  Career and style.

She looked out of the window and sighed, shaking her head.  “Nope, it’s not Christmas yet.  It has to snow tomorrow.”  Christmas is on the brain, folks.  I’m barely ready for the leaves to fall, let alone snowflakes to fall!

On about her seventh time around on the puzzle, she was chuckling to herself.  I said what a great job she was doing and she said, “It’s because I’m a good girl.”  She kept chuckling then said to herself, “Ok.  Ok.  Stop laughing.”  She had me busting out laughing!

I love the creativity of this outfit.  A puffy tutu is underneath the dress.  

On maybe the tenth time of doing the puzzle she suddenly realized that the buckle to the booster on her chair wasn’t buckled.  “I have to put my buckle on so the policemen won’t get me!”  Yes, we have this struggle in the car.  Never in the kitchen, however.

During all of this massive puzzle-making, Jack & Nadine were busy little beavers.  As Jack sat down to get a drink of water he checked off his list like this:  “Well, we shutted the door (aka: shut the door.  Very important around here when the weather dips below 70 degrees), raked the leaves, brought down our laundry, and now we’re filling the water bottles.  Then we’ll clean up the bathroom and make it sparkly!”  They really did!  I was so impressed.  They used every single washcloth in my closet, but the bathroom was sparkly!  I wasn’t allowed in until it was finished.

This morning, Elijah was whisked away by Grandma Weldon for a day and night away, so he wasn’t around for all the humdiggity cleaning and puzzle-building.

Let me go on the record to say that yesterday was nothing like today.  It’s so refreshing, though, when they take the initiative to do something they’re not asked to do… just because.  I gave them a quarter for raking the leaves, but the rest was just thank-you’s from a happy mommy.  Our kids are just kids.  They might not see the gigantic mess on the livingroom floor at the same time or in the same way that I do.  Ninety percent of the time I still need to ask them to pitch in and help.  It’s in those ten percent moments that I am encouraged that they are growing, learning, and showing responsibility.  Because believe me, some days I wonder!

So, I think that since our house smells like a birthday party today, we will have to celebrate with something special tonight!  Happy Day!

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