I Heart Fall

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I wish I could peel back the roof and turn my walls into glass on certain days like today. The sky is stunning again and the leaves are in a crescendo of colors, almost ready to max out to their peak performance. What is it about this weather that makes me want to bake cinnamon rolls and apple crisp and wear orange and brown? I didn’t have this growing up as a little kid. When I was an older kid, fall pretty much just meant I had to rake leaves until my hands were blistered. Now that I have my own kids, fall isn’t that bad. I still prefer to sweat while sitting down and don flip flops my entire existence, but I’m embracing fall more and more. It’s something special that God made for me and I’m looking at it that way.

We’ve been visiting the farm each week, and it’s so fun to plop Betty down in front of the baby bunnies and see her smile at them. We got to introduce Daddy to the farm last week.


Yesterday the baby donkey took quite the shine to her and kept walking back to the fence and putting her nose right next to Betty. It was darling.


What wasn’t so darling was when we got home from the farm an hour later. Elijah went to the bathroom downstairs then bellowed, “MOM! There’s a flood!” Floods are never good. There was certainly no rainbow with this one. Some little person had decided to plug the drain in the sink while washing their hands… and left the water running. Elijah and I had a pile of dirty towels and we mopped up the flood and squeezed the water right into the washing machine. Never a dull moment!

A heart-shaped butternut squash .  I heart fall!

We also baked bread last week for a school project. We were learning about Jesus being the Bread of Life, and also the scientific properties of yeast, and so we made bread! It was a lot of fun and tasted great! What helped me deal with the mess was knowing the day before that I would be baking bread with the kids. I mentally prepared for flour all over the kitchen. You know what? It all cleaned up just fine. The kids made a memory. They learned a skill. It was worth the mess.

Since Betty was born, I’ve been on the look out for a rad highchair. Something vintage and cleanable and with a shiny tray that makes a fabulous noise when little hands bang on it. Well, this weekend I found it. It was a sweet $12 deal. She loves it and bends her head way over to look at her reflection in the metal tray. Pancakes even taste that much better in it.

For some reason, ever since we went away for the wedding weekend, I just haven’t gotten my act together in the laundry department. Something happened. I’ve been washing clothes, but they don’t really get through the entire cycle of wash/dry/put away. Everyone’s drawers are empty. Today I am determined to remedy that. I will not sleep until everyone’s clothing is PUT AWAY. I have four perfect little helpers for that. Since school is finished, I think we’ll walk to the baseball field for a catch before Betty’s nap. Then it will be time to fold and conquer!


One thought on “I Heart Fall

  1. That is the BEST high chair!! I love it! 🙂
    For our boys we used a wooden, Amish made high chair that was mine when I was a child. I love the older styles SO much more then the modern ones available today!

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