My Crumb Catcher

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Betty.  She truly is the whipped cream on top of my highly caffeinated life with children.  She’s into so many things now, like touching the toe kick in the kitchen, where the counter top and floor meet and every crumb collects.  Somehow cheerios taste better after they’ve been lodged underneath the dishwasher first.  She is my swiffer.  Her two little teeth love to chew!  She’s a big fan of beef stew and lasagna.  She’s such a little peanut, with 6-9 month clothes still a bit roomy.  She waves “night night”, signs for “more please” and “all done”.  Her resident stylists love to slick her hair up into a cute “Jack Jack” impression.  It’s funny, except when one of said stylists licks his hands before applying them to her hair… gross.  She takes everything in stride, even if Mommy doesn’t.
I’m so thankful for this bitty girl who makes our life more full.  Her nicknames include, “Punkin’ Pie”, “Little Snunger” “Cutie Pie”, and my personal favorite that Elsie likes to sing, “Betty is a little hut ho.”  Not sure what that is, but it’s pretty cute when she sings it.  

She is my only brown-eyed child, just like her name-sake, Grandma Betty.  I often wish they could have met.



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