The Final Flight

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We had the privilege this week of going to see Will’s last flight before they leave for Italy and their new station.  The end of the lounge was hopping with many adults and 16 kids!  Excitement was thick, and became even more pronounced when the water guns came out and we walked over to the runway to watch him land.

This makes me want to salute!

You can see him taking pictures in the window!
This just speaks volumes to me.  Rebecca is one of the most self-less wives I know.  She never complains, always supports, and just loves to speak well of her husband!  She has experienced many nights alone, many broken-up skype calls, and has been so incredibly strong through it all.  I know her secret lies in the amazing God we all love and serve.  Oh, and she always looks so cute!

Hannah did such a great job.  She kept skipping along the pavement singing, “My Daddy’s coming home today!”
He has no idea of the arsenal of water guns that is about to deluge him…

Don’t those kids look so cute and innocent? Welcome home!

Poor guy could barely take a breath!

Two generations of Air Force.
This kind gentleman watched Betty who was sleeping in the stroller from afar.
Nadine’s best friend since birth.  10 days apart in age.  Enjoying every second after 4 years apart.

We all went into the airplane as well which was so fun!

It’s going to hit hard when we realize that we really won’t be an hour’s drive away anymore.  I will probably tear up every time I’m in Northern Liberties.  We will miss you guys more than you know.  It has been such a treasure to live so near, have our last two babies so close together, run Broad Street three times together, and enjoy your love, laughter, and presence.  I never regret any drop of gas it took to visit you, because each memory is so special.  You always make everyone who enters your home so welcome and so special.  I will miss your roof and your table.  You are incredibly special to us.  Tell those girls that they can’t change too much.  We are proud of you.  We know you’re in the very capable and loving hands of our Father.  We salute you, Will.  We love you all so much.

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