Blow Horn For Service

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Yesterday we did one of those “I’ve always wanted to do this” kind of things.  There is a farm we’ve driven past hundreds of times.  Literally.  On our way to the library, on our way to the post office, on our way to this place or that.  It’s on our way to everything popular.  So we pulled in to buy some local “real cow milk” (that’s what my kids call it).   What a pleasant surprise to find an absolutely gorgeous farm, complete with free petting zoo, fun signs, a flower patch, a pumpkin patch, a corn maze, and just what we needed: milk, eggs, and fruit!  Loved the sign that met us where we pulled up to the barn to get the milk:

The kids had an absolute blast and declared that they want to live there, or at least go there every single day.





The duck-staring contest  between Jack and the duck cracked me up.  I named her Jemima.



Rarely do I get a picture of all five kids at once.  Their clothes don’t necessarily match, but I love how each outfit matches their personalities.  I do not dress my kids (except Betty).  Once in a while I will veto a certain combination, but generally speaking we go out in public in whatever they happened to pick that day.

I love spontaneous afternoons with my kids.  Can I get a honk?


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