Five in a Row

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There has been the sound of dice rolling the past couple days.  Yesterday I played Yahtzee with Nadine & Elijah for almost two hours!  The sky was brilliant, the breeze was so relaxing, and we wiled away the hours in comfy chairs on the front porch.  I definitely don’t do this often enough.

 I got to thinking about my life and how it’s a little bit like Yahtzee.  Let me introduce you to my players.

We have the littlest girl, who is working on being 1, but is thankfully still only 8 months old.  She is such a cute little squeeze.  She smiles at every. single. person.  I love that she sees past every prejudice we ourselves create  towards people.  She doesn’t see the clothes, scars, dirt, or other things that so often make us look the other way in pride.  Her eyes find their eyes and she gives the most undiluted smile.  This week she has mastered signing: “More please,”

and “all done!”


Her other favorite thing to do with her hands is flap them as fast as she can.  Especially to make the cheerios bounce off her tray!  She’s our little one.


Next we sometimes roll a three.  This little munchkin has a ton of spunk and ever-growing independence.  She considers a purple striped shirt to match just perfectly with pink striped pants.  Shoes are measured by speed.  They are either fast, or they’re not.  For some reason she has been into wetting her pants every day.  When I talked to her about it, the reasoning seems to be that if she wets her pants, she will get to change outfits.  I gave her permission to change outfits, but NOT to wet her pants.  Then I caught her singing, in her sweet Elsie way, “I will obey Mommy and I will obey Mommy, and I won’t wet my pants!”

Lately when we roll a five, it is very exciting!  Jack is into small glass jars in which he collects rocks, bugs, water, or anything else that catches his eye.  Yesterday he figured out that if he stirred water with a marker, the water would turn color, so we had many colored jars lined up on the front porch.  He has also been very sweet with extra hugs and more tenderness than I’ve ever seen before in my little whirlwind of boy.  The other day when Matthew and I were kissing in the dining room he walked past and said, “I KNEW that they got married!”  Then today he asked me to please tie his rollerblades. “Mom, if you tie my rollerblades then I’ll give you a kiss!”  That was a good trade, and off he went with no shirt, orange shorts, his rollerblades, eyepatch, and gun holster around his waist.  When  Elsie saw him she said, “Jack, you’re bigger!”  He replied, “Nah, God’s bigger, Elsie.”  I love five!

In Yahtzee you have the chance to roll a large straight.  Five in a row.  Well, the second born in my large straight is Elijah.  He is starting to love to read.  I love watching him read to Jack.  He is so good at remembering things.  He also really prays for people.

Two boys and three girls equals: full house!  My big girl who ironically I have always called my baby girl, is practically as tall as I am.  She is stretching me to new heights as she grows up even more.  Four more years until she is a teenager, and yet we can certainly categorize her as “pre-teen”.  She’s a beauty!   She also loves school and friends.  She is my ever-ready runner when I need an egg or a cup of milk or a tablespoon of vinegar from a neighbor!  I remember oh so clearly being her age, and running up the hill at Nyankunde to borrow a roll of TP or a can of Blue Band.  (If you’re unsure of Blue Band, let’s just say it was a wanna-be margarine that if you got a lucky can, wasn’t a neon green color!)  Oh baby girl, how did you grow up so fast?

I certainly have a full house with all these beautiful children blessing each nook and cranny with their treasures, noises, and messes.  They are so unique, each one.  Yet they are all equally loved, equally precious, equally amazing.  I just scored YAHTZEE!


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