Brothers that Sparkle

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Today the quiet upstairs while I did school with the older two kiddos translated into two words: blue glitter.  One new rule we’ve been impletmenting this school year is “room check”.  Done right before lunch, before they’re allowed to eat lunch, their beds must be made and the floor picked up to “decent” status.  Thorough cleanings are done on the weekends.  This has worked well for oh, four days.  Today I forgot to check their rooms before lunch.  I did have this passing thought during the morning: Why does Elsie have so much blue glitter in her hair?  But it literally didn’t get any farther than that.  Around lunchtime, as I went upstairs to fetch Betty from her bed,  my eyes caught sight of an ocean of blue glitter flooding the boys’ bedroom floor.  That explains the sparkly hair… and the quiet, I thought.  Let’s just say that the boys’ room got its thorough cleaning a day early!  Elsie also experienced getting her hair vacuumed, which she thought was a riot, and which actually worked to remove the glitter.

Oh, life.  Life with boys and life with littles is always an adventure.  Sometimes it invovles glitter.  Sometimes mud.  Sometimes putting on every pair of pajamas to become ninjas.

Elsie asked me the other day, “Mom, why do we have brothers?”

Well, if we didn’t, then… there would be a LOT less laundry, a lot less messiness, a lot less feats of bravery, a lot less, um, glitter to vacuum up… maybe.

Tonight I climbed into Jack’s top bunk and asked him to tell me about his “collection”.  He has a whole shelf, neatly organized with things special to him.  He’s got his robot guy, his box made out of legos, containing his stopwatch, jackknife, flashlight and one of 3 purses.  He has  a glass jar for “broken stuff”, a plastic jar full of water with a rock in it and a lid on top, a special car, his wicker basket for “extra special shiny things”, and his sword neatly tucked away behind it all.  I’m sure I forgot a few things.  It was funny, because after he went through everything, he looked at me, giggled, and said, “You’re in my bed, Mommy!”  He gets so tickled when I climb up there.

Tonight we rearranged some of the downstairs rooms to make them more functional for school.  I still have a whole lot of organizing to do before it’s done.  When I’m finished, I will take pictures.  Hey, at least I have one less container of blue glitter to worry about!


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