The Healer


Last week, Matthew and I headed down to the city once again for post-op Dr. visits.  Everything looked good, and we walked around Reading Terminal Market for lunch and icecream.  So much more fun than when I was alone last time!  There is so much color and pop and delight for all of my senses!  I just love that place.


This icecream?  It tasted like coffee with a mouthful of real chocolate in every bite.  I told Matt I didn’t want any, but I did keep “trying” it.

I’m so thankful for the way God is healing Matthew.  His blood-work shows no Wegener’s.  He has no pain.  He looks amazing.  In a few months if things still look this good they will wean him off the methotrexate and see if the blood-levels remain just as good.  If they stay stable and he is symptom-free for a year without medicine, then he will be considered in remission.  He has tried a few times in the past, but symptoms have always started to come back after a couple months.  His eyes are fine.  Yesterday he accidently rubbed them and the tube in one eye popped out about an inch.  So he had to drive down to Jefferson this morning and the doc took it out.  Kinda freakish. The tubes were there to keep the holes open as the incision heals and they were just trying to keep them in as long as possible.  I think back to six years ago when this all started and am amazed by God’s goodness and provision to us.  A song that keeps persistently coming across my path this week:  “He gives and takes away, Lord blessed be Your name!”

He looks and feels so much healthier now!  He’s running Wegener’s to death!  To people who say he’s crazy to run so much, he would say it like it is: “I think it’s crazy that people walk around with extra pounds on their body and voluntarily put themselves at risk for deadly diseases such as diabetes, heart-disease and stroke.”  He has lost a lot of weight this year, and he contributes it to eating healthy and running many, many miles!  I’m so proud of him!


2 thoughts on “The Healer

  1. Well, in this house, we applaud Matt’s efforts … in healing AND in running. I think running … distance running, at least … must come from the heart. You can’t tell someone to do that. I didn’t realize that at one point, Matt HAD gained some extra pounds! When you put those 2 photos of him together, you can sure see it. We’ll still be praying regarding the Wegeners, but thank th Lord for Matt’s recent good health!!

  2. So great to hear such encouraging news about Matt’s Wegeners! Praise the Lord! We’ll be praying all continues to go well and that he can be in remission officially. I have been inspired and awed by both you and Matt as you have embraced healthier life styles. Good job! Love to you all ~

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