Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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I raced outside during one of this week’s afternoon thunderstorms to this delightful sight… where troubles melt like lemon drops high above the chimney tops…

A few weeks ago we trash-picked this sandbox, which turned into a wading pool for our water-loving children.

I had a hard time holding it together when Elsie came outside dressed like this:

When the sun is shining, the sky has been brilliant.  The kind of blue that makes your eyes hurt.  This sky reminds me of Africa.

I think I could sit on the steps all day and watch these characters ride up and down the sidewalk.  Helmets tipping, legs spinning so fast because they’ve long out-grown the bike.  I love that 99% of everything they play with is free and used.  One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!  I’m a big fan of this method.  However, once in awhile they will buy something “new”.  Today we went to the thrift store and I told them they could each spend one dollar.  It was so fun to see what each child picked.

Elsie picked this helmet and proceeded to wear it around the store, the grocery store, and then the rest of the day at home:

Yes, she wore that pig around her neck too!  I love her sweet innocence that thinks wearing a wooden pig sewing toy like a necklace is beautiful and the height of fashion.

Nadine picked out these magnetic “paper dolls”.

Betty didn’t get anything, but she’s been so sweet!  She loves this necklace that Nadine made…and that I always borrow.

I took an older onsie of hers and sewed a bit of tulle around the waist, because I’m really into tulle.  Next time I will add more, but I love the look!

Jack chose a “treasure box” and a “spy thingy”.  The box is a wicker basket about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide.  He is going to keep his “shiny things” in it!

All day he and Elijah have been switching between being spies, cowboys, and pirates.  Elijah is into the old cartoon “inspector gadget” so I let him buy the movie since it was cheaper than renting at redbox.

I love how they dug an old rocking chair out of the trashcan and repurposed it into a pistol!  Not shown in the picture is a long rifle.

Of course there are moments throughout the day when play turns to silliness to the extent that toilet-paper gets thrown onto the roof outside the bathroom window, or every single pair of pajamas is layered on thickly and little boys are transformed into ninjas.  There are times when scissors become an obsession and mommy finds little pieces of shoelaces on the floor, or the handle of a bag cut from its source.  There are times when warriors sense an enemy in the rose-bushes or petunias and all that is left are flowers strewn across the ground.  These are the times when I vigorously comb my fingers through my hair or the volume goes up in my head and sometimes my mouth and I turn and say, “WHY?!!  What were you thinking??”  I love how Jack answered me.  “Mom,” he said, with his lip trembling.  “A switch just went off in my head and I turned and I made a bad choice!”  Then I wrap my arms around him and hold my strong warrior ninja.  Flowers grow back.  Mud washes out.   My little boys are growing up before my eyes and I don’t want to miss out on the adventures they bring me each day!


One thought on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow

  1. Joy in the journey. It is so worth looking for and cherishing and makes each day so much better when effort is put in to finding it and holding it. Love Elsie’s swimming getup. I think Sophia would have chosen the same as Nadine! I love the tulled up onsie and the boys ingenuity reminds me of Riley digging through my kitchen drawers everyday looking for swords and guns. His favorite gun happens to be a part of my breast pump! Ha! Won’t he love to hear about that when he’s older. 🙂

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