Thirty Years Later, oh my Osh!


Betty, how did you grow up so fast?

Today she wore the traditional overalls that every baby of mine has worn.  When Nadine was born, Matthew’s mom gave them to me and told me that Matthew used to wear them.  Everyone has worn them since!  I should get some sort of plug from Osh Kosh for their amazing quality.  Why, next year they’ll be 30 years old!

I’m not sure which picture I like best.  It’s somewhere between the wrinkly-nose smudge-mouth and the one where I can hear her saying, “Da, da, da, da, da,”  Oh, and the one where she’s glancing over her shoulder to make sure I haven’t left her.  She has been starting to have mommy-anxiety when I step out of the room, which is something new for me.

One thing is for sure, she sure can sport those overalls and fills them with a lot of cuteness!

In my hunt, I found one shot of Nadine in the same overalls:

Elijah wearing them:


2 thoughts on “Thirty Years Later, oh my Osh!

  1. This is adorable! I love your kids 🙂

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