Ten Years of I Love You

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Ten years ago today I was standing with my hands over my face, trying to take in one of the best moments of my entire life.  He said, “I’ve been working on something for you…and your parents and my parents agree that in order for us to best serve the Lord, we need to serve Him together.  Amy, I love you.  Will you marry me?”  I said “YES!”and he spun me around, and I’ve been spinning ever since.

Today we went into the city of brotherly love.  Unfortunately, while I was able to enjoy the gorgeous blue sky, fabulous sights and sounds, and delicious food, Matthew was stuck in a hospital gown, unable to eat, and then drugged for his eye and sinus surgery.  He did fine and is resting now.  The next time you see him, he shouldn’t have tears running out of his eyes unless he is actually, truly crying.  His tear ducts are opened back up again and his sinuses cleared.

While he was going through all that fun, Betty and I walked around Philly and took a jaunt down Jeweler’s Row.  In honor of our anniversary, I took my engagement ring and our wedding bands to get cleaned.  They’re as shiny as a mirror now and I can hardly stop  looking at them!  I’ve  been wearing Matt’s all day while he was in surgery.

 before after

I ate at Dinic’s in Reading Terminal Market.  Ooh lala.  My mouth totally had a party.

So, here’s to many more romantic days, no more surgeries, and ten more amazing years with you, Matthew.  Won’t you pick me up and spin me again?  Won’t you grow old with me, my love?


One thought on “Ten Years of I Love You

  1. Thankful his surgery went well. I love hearing people tell bits of their love stories and it’s even better when that person is a friend and I can actually remember that time, 10 years ago! Love you, oh, and your rings look fabulous!

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