First Annual Kids’ Day


Last weekend we had a blast, celebrating our kids!

Kid’s Day Began with made-from-scratch monkey bread.  Then, after a morning nap it was off to Hibernia Park for a picnic lunch!

There was much creek-walking and rock-throwing.


There was pudding and jello-eating without spoons (that’s more fun, right?)  No matter that I forgot them.


Then I was determined to get a family picture.  We haven’t had one since the day after Betty was born!

Getting ourselves together, balancing the camera on a rock, then running back to everyone without falling in the water… is a bit tricky.

It was worth it, though!  Not bad, considering we’re all smiling at a rock.

Then we were off to the sprinkler park with pizza.  I’m not sure what’s more hot, the man or the pizza!  Definitely the man.


I have learned that Betty loves swings.


Then our last hurrah of the day: Going to the theatre to watch Cars 2.  The kids screamed with excitement!

The day was a success.  I’m excited to do it again next year!  Thanks to my friend Ruthie, whose family started this tradition and gave us such a fabulous idea!


3 thoughts on “First Annual Kids’ Day

  1. This makes me so happy! I’m so glad you adopted this tradition and it sounds like you had a fabulous day! The family picture turned out really well. And I love Betty’s little toothy grin! 🙂

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