Scary Pineapple

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Yeah, so who knew that freak-falling mahogany lamps shaped like a pineapple could be so painful?  I know now.  Last night when I was at my in-laws we were looking at pictures on their computer.  All of a sudden it felt like someone had come up behind me and swung something extremely hard over the top of my head.  I screamed.  I thought something crashed through the window and was attacking me!  It was a lamp.  Not just any ordinary lamp, mind you.  A heavy wooden lamp.  I felt the poky “skin” indent my head and my brain felt rattled.  My head hurt so much, and yet we were laughing.  Laughing at the craziness of such a strange mishap, and at the probability of a pineapple lamp falling on one’s head.  I did worry that I had a concussion when I started getting tired, and my left ear was ringing, but didn’t know whether that was because it was approaching 10pm.  I had to drive home and thankfully talked to Matthew on the phone the whole way.  I feel fine this morning.  We’ll laugh about it soon!

In other news, we recently had a fun family gathering.  Here’s just a nugget of the cuteness that afternoon!


Then, earlier this week we went creek rambling with my sister and friend and all our kids for a grand total count of 13 children.

 I made enough pasta salad for a small army.  Unfortunately the small army never showed, and the salad is still in my fridge!


 We found an amazingly fun spot to play for a couple hours.  The rocks became ships, the woods great lands undiscovered.

     Elsie- before and after!  From eeeew to swimming on her belly across the mud!


One thought on “Scary Pineapple

  1. That creek looks so fun! Glad your head is okay. 🙂 You’re going to have to make a sign to put at your in-laws’ house that says, “Watch Out For Falling Pineapple Lamps!”

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