The Now

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Recently I’ve been struck with the conviction of doing things in the NOW.  So, since google hasn’t figured out how to transcribe thoughts into writing, it’s on to the real deal.

We’re very much looking forward to this Saturday when Matt will be racing in his first ultra-marathon.  Twenty-four hours.  He will be running for 24 hours, as many miles as he can.  It is an 8.5 mile loop, and after 60 miles he can have pace runners to encourage him.  We have some pretty awesome friends who will be joining us throughout the day/night/morning to encourage and support us!  I have tons of butterflies!

Then my oldest daughter is going to girls’ camp.  I can hardly believe it!  I remember being pregnant with her and thinking how the day would be here in 8 years.  Now it’s here!  On Saturday she will be gone for a whole week.  I was hoping she could be inundated with snail mail… so, if you feel so inclined to send her a letter or postcard that would be SO amazing.  The address is: Greenwood Hills, 7062 Lincoln Way East, Fayetteville, PA 17222  She will be there from the 16th-23rd.  This mama thanks you for thinking of her in prayer or with a note of love!

I feel like my life isn’t always that interesting.  I eat and sleep and wash a hundred dishes just like everyone else.  My garden grows weeds, my house produces dust-bunnies the size of tennis balls, and somehow the beds are all unmade every morning.  No matter if the bathroom was shiny this morning, tonight the sink is covered in toothpaste gunk and the floor has mud and other questionable dirt spots covering its surface.  I lose my phone, my keys, my wallet, my library card… weekly.  I struggle with the noise level produced at 5PM and wonder at the silence of midnight.  My tomatoes are still green, even though I check on them a few times each day.  The floors are littered with the evidence of play.  The fridge is empty, again.  The trash can is full, again. The laundry is overflowing, again.  (Didn’t I just go shopping?  Didn’t that just get emptied?  Didn’t I just wash those? )  This is life, this is real.  But I love that everyone relates to real life.  Who’s refrigerator re-stocks itself, and whose house is equipped with a self-mopping bathroom floor?  So, what is my heart really longing for when I get frustrated and tired of the mundane?  What am I missing?  I’m missing NOW.

Some now moments include:  Elsie putting her arms around Matt’s dad’s neck and saying, “Granddaddy, I wish you were a little girl!”  Or Jack telling me today, “I appreciate that you and daddy made my bed in my new room,” after we re-arranged bedrooms and put him on the top bunk in the blue room.  Or when I came upstairs one day last week and the kids all told me to close my eyes and they showed me how they cleaned their rooms AND made my bed without being told.  Or putting ketchup in my coffee in Elsie’s pretend kitchen in her room.

The other day I overheard an argument between Elsie & Jack.  Jack wanted something from her and she kept saying, “Nu uh!  It’s mine!”  He countered with, “It’s not yours, it’s God’s.”  Well then she thought of this clever come-back, “God said I can have it!”

Elijah was thinking big thoughts when he told me that Satan should have loved his job, being such a beautiful angel.  Then he said, “How could such a little fruit cause such a big problem?!”

When Elsie prays at meal time she always mentions, “Please help Daddy to tuck our ins.  And I pray for Daddy’s race.  And thank you for [insert food name here].  Amen.”  “Tuck us in” is what she means by tuck our ins.

Betty doesn’t say anything profound yet, but she can say, “da da da da da…”  She also got her first tooth, with the second close behind it. Her smile is electric, and she just brightens our world.

Well, it’s time to tuck myself in…I’m excited to embrace the now of dreams and sleep.

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