Bubbling Over

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I never knew that bubbles could be such a beautiful form of art.  When Nadine gets a bowl of soap and a wand in her hands, she can blow bubbles like no one’s business.  That girl can make it look like the finest ballroom dance:


Elijah is more like a comedian.  Bubbles are beautiful, but they can be fun!

 And if you ever wondered what Matthew looked like as a little boy… this is pretty much exactly what he looked like.  Crazy when a certain shot makes time rewind.


We celebrated Jon’s birthday.  Jack enjoyed having some first licks…


Then everyone got in on the fork-less action!  It’s a sharing family!


The fun of Monday night just whetted our appetites for good things to come.  We’re looking forward to a weekend away at the shore house.  My camera card is empty, the batteries are full.  The future is an blank canvas waiting to be filled up with memories and I can hardly wait.  It’s going to be grand!



One thought on “Bubbling Over

  1. have fun at the shore house!

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