Princess Nutella


Just to be honest, I’ve had some struggles with two of my girls… all except the one incapable of talking back or stomping their feet (a trait, I’m told, is on to its 4th generation of women, myself being the 3rd generation.)  Please don’t get me wrong.  Struggling with and loving them like crazy can still go hand-in-hand.  As I speak, my little e has her hand fist deep in the nutella jar, licking out every last morsel of chocolately goodness.  Only pure love would let a three-year old do that before 9AM.  She looks like a little puppy who’s been given a bone and is silently and contentedly licking it in a corner, relishing every taste before the possibility of it being taken away by anyone occurs.

But, I wouldn’t be human or a mother to say my girls and I clash sometimes.  Ok, daily.  It’s crazy that I remember being their ages.  They say and do things that are uncannily like how I would have said or done things at the age of 3 or 8.  For instance, last night my mom was recalling a time when we were flying home for furlough from Africa.  I was digging around under my seat and pulled out a woman’s wig and held it up and said, “What’s THIS?!”  My mom hissed for me to “Put it back!”  Matthew burst out laughing and said, “That sounds just like Elsie!”  I’m sure too, that I enjoyed (who am I kidding, let’s keep this real… STILL enjoy) licking out a nutella jar.

My girls are both sporty and beautiful.  Nadine just finished her soccer season.  I was so thrilled that I was able to go to her last game, where they won 4-2, making it a perfect season with no losses.  She was goalie for the last half and had the entire parents’ section cheering after her especially amazing save near the end of the game, catching the ball above her head.  She loves soccer and was a joy to watch.


She is also a stellar checkers player and can sport “Pretty Pretty Princess” with finesse.


I know that we clash sometimes… sort of like those plaid shorts and flowery shirt she was wearing the other day.  But we also have some precious times together, like when we had an entire hour and a half ALONE, sipping tea at the table, and talking about girl stuff like boys and marriage.  Hard to believe that she’s such a young lady.

Then there is my little e with the not-so-little personality.  She has the strength and gumption to change the world.  We prayed for her even before she was born, that she would have the courage to go places where not many others would be willing or courageous enough to go.  I continue to pray that she will submit her life, her everything, to Jesus.



She loves to swing.  When I think of Elsie I think of swings.  Tree swings.  Mood swings.  Yes, that is my Elsie.



4 thoughts on “Princess Nutella

  1. Thank you for the beautiful honesty and love you share as a mother 🙂 It is refreshing!

  2. Okay, every time I finish a jar of Nutella (and, oh the pity, Jamie can’t eat it any more because the dairy content hurts his stomach. it is SO hard not to share with him… 🙂 ) I wish I could turn the jar inside out to get out every last morsel. 🙂 I knew I liked Elsie. 🙂 Mothering little girls is such a glorious, joyful challenge. It is so exhausting, but so rewarding. Thank you for sharing your heart!

  3. Hi Amy:) Just started to read you blog and this is the 1st post I read. It made me smile and it made me thankful that I got to know you many moons ago. Your family is BEAUTIFUL and it makes me happy to see that you are doing so well. You are a great mom…I’m jealous of you that you would let your daughter eat like that out of the nutella jar…I would like to think I would but, much to my chagrin, I probably wouldn’t. It’s moments like those that kids remember…they don’t remember the moments where mom or dad told them no for the fun they weren’t allowed to have. Many blessings to you and your family:) I hope our lives cross paths again sometime soon.

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