Party in Heaven


Last night the angels had a party.

Matthew took the boys and Elsie to a fun summer festival yesterday at a local church. They played and had fun, and were anticipating watching a movie when they got home. However,  it was too late when they got home so the plan changed. There were a little bit of attitude adjustments needed, so Matthew talked about thankfulness with them. We sing a song every night called “Ten Men”, which talks about the ten men whom Jesus healed, and how only one man came back to say, “Thank you”.  He asked the boys each individually which kind of men they were.  Jack said he was a selfish person. “Do you want to be a selfish person?” Matt asked.  He said, “No. Satan keeps making me make bad choices. That’s what Elijah told me.” Matt said, “Jesus wants to protect your heart and help you make good choices. The first thing you need to do is ask Him to come live in your heart and wash away your sin. Would you like to do that?” Jack said he would.  “You can tell Jesus that right now, and pray to Him.” Of course Elsie was crying in her bed and so Jack said, “She needs to be quiet first.” So they went downstairs to pray. There Jack asked God to come live in His heart forever.

This morning he confidently told me all about it and he grinned when I told him that the angels had a party in Heaven because he became a Christian. Then Elsie mimicked the cheer I had going by saying: “Jack’s a part of the family, Jack’s a part of the family!” There is no greater joy.  What a happy Father’s Day!


3 thoughts on “Party in Heaven

  1. YAY for Jack!! So proud of him!

  2. Awwww! So special and sweet! A party indeed!

  3. Super news! Our spirits soar on hearing this, just like Jack in the photo! – Dad Weldon

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