Hello Summer

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The last week I have been soaking in the reality of school is out, summer is here.  My days involve a lot of popsicles, frozen treats, and outside porch-sitting.  There are dirty knees, zero socks to wash, and a grungy bathtub.   There seems to be more laundry, but maybe that’s only because I don’t use my dryer and only so much can be squeezed onto the current clothesline.  I’m the type that likes to hang all of one thing together and not move onto the pants until all of the shirts have been lined up just so.  Yes, I’m like that.  One morning as I was hanging out laundry I practically screamed with fright when a man who was walking his dog down the alleyway behind our house spoke to me.  “You do that every day,” was all he said.  I did do a little muffled yelp that I tried to choke down when I saw it was not an attacker, but merely a friendly, observant neighbor.  He just shook his head and chuckled a little and let me know how he thought it was quite something that I hang out so much laundry.

Well, when you have this sort of thing happening each day, with each kid… there’s no wonder the clothesline is full!

Then there’s nothing that says summer like a sprinkler park!

Or diaper-less babies asleep on a towel under a the shade of a tree.


I’ve been dying to go berry-picking, so one day we picked ten pounds of strawberries.  It was glorious.


Then we picked nine pounds of cherries!

Yes, those were consumed within three days.

The other fun thing about summer is having your bathing suits packed in the car “just in case”.  The berry-picking day just happened to be close to our friends’ pond.  So since our suits were there, and we were there, the kids had a blast swimming and fishing for the afternoon!

By far, one of my favorite pictures of Jack.

I think you can hear the noise in this picture!

Later the same day, I was called to be my friend’s doula.  It was her 4th baby, and after a crazy night of getting sent home from the hospital… only to turn right around and go back… she had her baby within five minutes of getting there and I was about five minutes late!  So even though I missed his birth, what a joy it was to see him fresh from heaven!


I stayed up for 24 hours that day!  It was a great day, though.  Full of berries and laughter and a brand new baby!

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