Pirates and Princesses

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On Wednesday our local Chick-fil-A was giving away a free kid’s meal to any kid who dressed up as a pirate or a princess.  We got our acts together and headed out into the insanity that was a hundred families all diving in for a receipt that totaled zero.  We had fun, though it was a bit crazy racing around the house trying to figure out how to make an eye patch.  I decided to cut  up one of the boys’ old black socks and tie a string to it.  Worked!  Then I saw the ingenuity of my sister who just painted it on her kids.  Oh, well.  We didn’t need that sock!

I love the boys’ expressions in this one.  Jack looks like he’s trying to beam Elijah the message that they are PIRATES not clowns, so to act tough.  Their personalities are so accurately portrayed here: tough guy and funny guy.

Then it was off to soccer practice for the oldest princess.  She did a lot of this:

He did a lot of that when I told him to look at the camera.

Now this girl flew like the fairy that she is and kicked the ball dozens of times.

Some more of that.  I love hearing her and the girls squeal and scream and laugh their way through practice.  And dance a little too!

Not too disappointed to watch the girls play…

Then last night, to celebrate the end of school, each kid got their very own coke bottle!

It was a pretty happy way to end our day.  School is done for the year, and we are so excited to step into the season of summer!

The roses are even in bloom!


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