Mind’s Eye

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I am the type of person that can’t rest very well until what I’ve set out to do is accomplished.  This can be good and bad.  I have lost much sleep (which I don’t miss, btw) because of this mindset.  I have painted many a room with yellow stripes or my front door red until the wee hours of the morning.  I have made Matthew sleep on the couch until I finish re-arranging or painting our bedroom late at night.  I have set out to “clear the dining room table” before bed and finished with a mopped floor or newly painted chair-railing.  It is a stress-reliever for me.  I see the finished product in my head and I can’t rest until I see it in front of my eyes.  For a couple weeks now I’ve seen something in my head that I’ve been wanting to do.  Finally, one day last week, I did it.  I was a little bit at the end of my rope that day and of course the minute I shut my bedroom door someone tried to open it.  One of those days.  I couldn’t get away.  But I did anyway!  Matthew came home in the middle of it and I smiled the forced kind of smile you make when you’re upset at someone else, not necessarily that person,  and told him please not to come in our bedroom.  He sensed my need for space.  I enjoyed every minute of neck-craning work.  Here is the finished product:

In freehand across the top of our door: Grow Old With Me

I even used a ruler and math to space the lettering properly.  I have plans for more sayings and verses throughout the house, but for now I can rest… at least until the next idea pops into my head!


One thought on “Mind’s Eye

  1. Great job! I love it Aim.

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