Give me Five

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Yesterday my dear Jack Taylor turned five years old.  His five years have been packed with adventure, battle, and lots of treasure.  When I think of Jack, I sometimes think how well he would have fit into the medieval days.  Fighting dragons with swords, never leaving home without a shield, and taking a bath only once a month.   When I think of Jack I think of the color orange.  It is the first color he learned, and the color he has consistently said is his favorite, ever since he has been “little” (like 3 years old).  I think of green eyes that sparkle and big hands that are strong.  I think of how much fun he would have had digging in his Great-great-uncle Jack’s garden, after whom he was named.

Jack & Elijah got to spend two nights at Grandma Weldon’s house as a special birthday treat.  Then yesterday the rest of us drove there to celebrate the day together.  They had a blast playing spy/soldier outside.

Notice the sniper?


We also enjoyed fun cousin time!

There’s nothing cuter than dandelion dust on a three year old nose.


One thought on “Give me Five

  1. i remember fondly our visit to see you guys towards the end of your pregnancy with Jack. What a treasure he is. Happy Birthday to him!

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