Northern Liberties

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Yesterday we drove out to Philadelphia to hang out with the Weldon clan.  We visited with my sister-in-law and her two sweet girls.  Jack especially took it upon himself to stick close to Hannah most of the day.

At the Piazza!

Then we walked to feed some horses… to Nadine’s delight!

Love this shot!

Not sure how this little beauty is so cute… thanks to Auntie Sherry for the bear-ears jacket!

Then we walked to the park and played and played…

Our first baseman (lookin’ sharp) and pitcher (lookin’ really sharp!)

Our star hitters…

Then Jack found this huge piece of wood.  He is like that.  Why play baseball with a BAT when you have THIS?  He proceeded to make a “hideout” with it.  He also proceeded to find a cute girl to help him:

The only shot of Ava… she slept in her magic carseat the whole time!

Signs of spring were everywhere!

Then back to their apartment for pizza!

It was a great day, and Will was very missed.  So thankful for our amazing family!


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