Weekend of Weldons

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This past weekend was so much fun.  It started out with a turkey, and just ran from there.  I had to clean out my freezer and that meant cooking the huge turkey that had taken up residence on the bottom shelf since Thanksgiving.  I have never made a turkey before!  So, on Friday afternoon I started my huge “Thankful it’s Spring” dinner.  It turned out to be a wonderful success and we celebrated with my parents and all of Matt’s family (minus his brother who is deployed overseas.)  The pictures speak louder, but I will use some words.

Time to break out the Yahtzee and dress-ups!

I think Jack enjoyed his drumstick!  Just like his great-great Uncle Jack used to!


That night we played Balderdash.  I haven’t laughed so hard in a very long time.  Those words were “SWOW” funny!

The next morning, we had waffles with Uncle Jon and Aunt Capri, who spent the night!  So fun!

Then on Sunday we went to the Weldons for an afternoon of spontaneous fun.


Sidewalk chalk.

Waffle blocks.



The ones who started it all!

Yes, I still have a crush on him!

Reading about awesome daddy’s!  Especially the one we miss so much!!!


One thought on “Weekend of Weldons

  1. how i cherish family times more and more as i get older! looks like a lovely weekend! good job on the turkey – i’ve yet to tackle one.

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