Stinging Eyes

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Today has been more than a warrior dash.  I’ve never been through one, but from what I hear, they include fire and mud and endurance.  Let me back up by saying that Matthew and I were convicted last night that we have not been faithful in praying for our children together.  So, we did some popcorn prayer last night before bed, praying for one child in turn, back and forth.  It was actually kind of funny, because by the time we got to #4, Matthew was falling asleep and asked me drowsily, “Are there any left?”  Anyway, today then unfolded like a battle against unseen forces.  My eyes are stinging from the tears.

I will not go into detail of what sorts of battles, but let’s just say one was especially difficult.  Hearts are such fickle, deceitful things.  After exclaiming victory over the one battle, yet another began.  My third child decided that he wanted to run away from home.  I’m not exactly sure why.  His reasons were things like, “My sister is bossy.”  He had a bag packed, his special pillow and  blanket, and a box of treasures.  First he asked me if I would drop him off at his best friend’s house.  I told him that I would never help him run away.  After much pleading from his siblings, he decided to go outside on the front porch to think about it.  He knocked after awhile and I asked him if he was still wanting to run away or if he was ready to live with us forever.  He still wasn’t sure, so back outside he went.  By this point the two older ones were crying buckets, and I was trying to hold myself together.  I really wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing.  I kept an eye on him from the window and he kept lying down on his little blanket, then getting back up.  Next thing, he ran around to the back door.  When Elijah opened it, Jack exclaimed, “I decided to stay home forever!”  MORE tears.  Hugs all around.

Today I think sisters have thought more deeply about how their actions can affect someone’s decisions.  I think everyone is just a little bit more thankful for home, and for love and for eachother.

Tonight: we plan on praying for them again!


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