She’s Three!

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Yesterday my little Elsie turned three.  How clearly I remember her birth… it was the 10th of March when I went into labor.  I had an ultimatum hung over my head: “Give birth by her due date (the 11th) or you’re getting a C-section,” thanks to the marvelous hospital policy on v-bacs that was changing as fast as my belly grew.   Well, even though I wasn’t planning on showing up for my c-section on the 11th, I was really really glad that I didn’t have to go through the hassle of not doing that.  As I was in labor, I wondered whether she would be born on my Grandma’s birthday (the 10th).  At midnight I was 6cm, and at 12:03 Elsie met the world.  Yeah, it was painful.  But it was also incredibly amazing.

She was born with a curl on her head, and it multiplied into many.  Today Elsie is a big 34-lb girl with a personality that is sometimes hard to describe.  She is the type of girl that, if you washed all the mud off her feet, you would find pretty painted toe-nails.  She can play ninja’s with the boys and turn around to softly sing a lullaby to her babydoll.  She uses words like “gorgeous” and can sing her ABC’s.  If I tell her that my phone is next to the chair by my bed, underneath the green pillow… she will find it.  If I ask her to please get me a pencil or a diaper or my bottle of water… she will find it and bring it happily.  She loves to help “clean up” whether it’s put the silverware in the drawer from the dishwasher or snap the buttons on Betty’s sleeper.  Her nickname is “Rosy” when they play house.  I simply love the way she says it.

Yesterday, when she came downstairs, everyone sang happy birthday to the little Rosy.  I love the presents the kids got for her.  They went through their own toys and made their own.

Elijah worked on this lego creation for her:

I wrapped up her babydoll and dressed her in one of Betty’s outfits that she just outgrew:

The rest of the morning she carried her dolly (also named Rosy) in Betty’s carrier.

The other day I gave her a heart-shaped pancake and she said, “I love Jesus, and I love more Jesus!”

We are so thankful for our little Elsie Rose… who isn’t so little anymore!  Elsie, may you continue to grow in your love for Jesus and others!  May you be brave to go where others never have been.  We love you!


One thought on “She’s Three!

  1. Three. Wow! I still remember the exact moment you told me you were pregnant with her. What a special girl! I just loved getting to know her better last month.

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