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There’s something beautiful about a baby’s first giggle.  It makes one squeal with excitement so that usually the giggle turns into a frightened cry!  

There is something beautiful about a two-year-old dressing herself  in stripes, polka dots, and flowers… with the overwhelming theme of pink.

There is something beautiful about a four-year-old praying every single day for summer to come tomorrow so he can go swimming!

There is something beautiful about a six-year-old looking like they are losing all of their teeth.

There is something beautiful about an eight-year-old being able to reach the higher cupboards so she can unload the dishwasher at long last.

There is something beautiful about a really loud muffler that signals the much-anticipated arrival of Daddy.

There is something beatiful about turning thirty-one, because that means I have had the blessing of living life for another year.

This week I am not signing into facebook.  That might make some of you roll your eyes because perhaps you aren’t tempted in the first place to do so!  That might make some of you cringe, thinking that it might be too hard to press that “deactivate” button and close yourself off from the world for a set period of time.  I know it sure made me panic a tad!  It’s not fun admitting being somewhat addicted to “crackbook”.  On day two I can truly say I feel liberated.  It’s okay not knowing what every other person is doing or thinking.  It’s even better having those extra “minute here, minute there” to do other things!  (And let’s be honest, 99% of the time, a “minute” on facebook  turns into a whole lot longer than 60 seconds…)

In lieu of a facebook status update, I will give you details of my day.  The gory, wet details, because it poured all day!

It started off with some diligent kids doing their schoolwork without complaining… then it switched into high gear around 10:30 when we headed off to the dentist for Jack and Elsie to get checked.  Of course the van was on “E” and Nadine gets very nervous about that, even though we’ve never run out of gas.  We made it to the gas station and poured some money into the tank.  Thence to the dentist, where Jack did great and Elsie decided that lying down on the little chair so they could tickle her teeth was NOT what she wanted to do… so while I nursed Betty I tried to persuade her (like telling an orange to peel itself).  I gave Betty to Nadine and proceeded to pin Elsie down and pray she didn’t bite down on the hygienist’s hand.

That over, we trudged through the puddles once more to the YMCA.  We arrived soaked.  So soaked, infact, that a lady in the locker room asked me if I had just come out of the pool.  I learned that nursing a baby  in a locker room is not very comfortable.  I ran almost two miles, then we trudged through the rain again to the grocery store.

Once there, it takes some doing to get everyone situated.  Snap-and-go stroller gets Betty’s carseat snapped in and pushed by Nadine or Elijah.  Elsie goes in the grocery cart, and everyone else walks.  We look like a small field trip.  Of course by the time we got to the fruits and veggies (our first step in shopping), Betty woke up.  So the rest of the trip was spent with Elijah doing his best tricks to make her happy, then finally ended with me holding her and Nadine pushing the big heavy cart.  What a team!

Back through the rain, and Betty cried the whole way home.  I had to feed her right away, and this is where the beauty of today really shone through.  I felt exhausted and wet as I sat on the couch feeding Betty.  Then Elijah pipes up, “Mom?  Do you want us to carry in all the groceries for you?”  Wow.  So, all four of them happily trudged back and forth through the rain to carry in our large load of groceries.  They are the best team ever.

After that, I was so happy for a hot shower and being able to reward them with being able to watch the Brady Bunch.

It was quite a day.  But it was beautiful.


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  1. Amy, thank you for sharing the little details of your days. I would love to read them all in novel form. I could read books by you for hours! 😛

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