home again

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This weekend was amazing.  It started off at midnight on Thursday.  I tried my best to stay up for Matthew’s homecoming, but after sweeping up every possible dust bunny and folding each piece of possible laundry, I collapsed into bed to “close my eyes”.  I opened them when I heard the bedroom door opening and saw a very burly, bearded man with a tan face and a smile in his eyes looking at me.  What a fun reunion!  My Matthew.  Home again.  We stayed up talking for almost two hours, falling asleep as we said just “one more thing” that would pop into our heads.

The next day was fun.  Each of the kids piled into our bed one by one with giggles and joy.  We had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and everyone got a necklace from Haiti.  In the afternoon we delivered the boys to Matt’s mom and the girls to my mom and then took Betty with us on a weekend marriage retreat with our church.  It was a totally amazing weekend!  The hotel was beautiful and the fellowship with 30 other couples was fantastic.  We were refreshed.  What a blessing to have awesome memories behind us and a new week ahead of us.



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