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My funnies are WAY better than the paper’s funnies.  That is my humble opinion.

Elsie, who loves Tinkerbell, said to me the other day: “Lerk, mom!  Picky dust!”  I’m not sure which word I love more: lerk for look, or picky dust instead of pixie dust.  A lot of the time she likes to pretend that she is nursing her baby dolls just like I nurse Betty.  She informs me that “those” are her “armpits”.  She did a pretty naughty thing last week and cut her bangs with some huge scissors.  Somehow she still looks relentlessly cute.

Jack is into writing letters to people and then folding the piece of paper and stapling it all around the edges with a dozens of staples.  Tonight he was being evasive about who the last letter he wrote was for, but he described him as, “Four years old, just like me!  He has a mouth and a nose just like me.  He’s got spikey hair and he’s really cool.”  I’m not sure which little boy fits this description, but Jack likes to be secretive about things like this.  He LOVES to go to the dollar store, and Grandma took him this past weekend, whence he got a gun and handcuffs.  All day he has been handcuffing himself to the legs of chairs.  The other day when I took his picture all decked out as a cowboy, I told him to smile at me like a cowboy.  With a very straight face he said, “I am.”  Too funny!  Not sure which I love more: the serious face, the clip-on tie, or the glow-in-the-dark star-turned-sheriff’s badge.

Elijah has another wiggly tooth.  Somehow he still manages to eat whole apples with it wobbling back and forth!  He is such a good big brother!  Tonight we had a dress-up contest and he donned this:

Nadine is growing right before our eyes.  All of a sudden she is changing yet again and yet she is still a little girl… for a teeny tiny bit longer.

And our Bitty Betty is a champ.  She’s been sleeping 8-9 hrs each night and making us so proud!  Her smiles are electric.  She is so sweet and tiny and yet fills up a huge part of our hearts.

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