surviving well

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Matthew arrived safely in Haiti.  Every night around 9 o’clock we check the team leader’s facebook page for pictures and updates on their day.  It’s hard not being able to hear his voice, but it’s a blessing to see his face in another place and know he’s alright!  We can hardly wait until Friday when we can smother him with hugs and kisses and hear all his stories and see how tan he’s gotten… while we’ve watched the snow fall.

The week has been very endurable with wonderful family and friends.  My sweet friend, Ruthie, decided to drive all the way from Ohio with two of her three kids to be with me for 4 nights!  Not only has she been with me, but she has baked cookies while I napped, cleaned places that haven’t seen a dustcloth in months and months, mopped, and helped me rearrange my bedroom into a romantic suite.  It has been such fun!  Time is passing quickly and pleasantly!  Such friends are a rare find.  When there aren’t 7 kids vying for our attention, I will write more about how we became friends way back on African soil…

Until then, it’s time to start school.  There may be snow on the ground, but we are not having a snow day here!

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