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I have a friend who is amazing.  Ours is the type of friendship that started (as most of my closest friendships have) with the wrong impression.  I thought she was weird.  Well, at the time she was.  =)  She thought I was stuck up.  Well, I probably was.  Anyway, we were both 15, so we had a lot to learn, and a long ways to grow.  I am so thankful that 15 years later, we are closer than ever.  We would take hour-long roadtrips in an instant to meet eachother for one afternoon.  We share a love of hand-made delights, simplicity, and hot tamales.  I could write pages of memories we’ve shared.  Like the time I forgot that she was coming to visit me, and I wasn’t home.  No one was at our house, infact, and she was forced to camp outside under a tarp for almost 24hrs and use the Burger King bathroom across the street… until I remembered that she was coming to visit me and I high-tailed it back home.  She was comfortably settled under our maple tree, with a blue tarp above her.  I apologized profusely, and somehow, we’re still friends.

She is also the queen of creativity and thoughtfulness.  Such creativity and thoughtfulness is usually wrapped up in a fun package that finds itself in your mailbox on just the perfect day.

Yesterday was one of those days.   I received a package from Sarah with the enclosed hand-made headband.  It suits Betty absolutely perfectly.

Cheers to friendships that last and grow and better with time.  I love you, Sarah!

To see more of her creative designs, visit her at simply sarai.


One thought on “simply sarai

  1. it does suit sweet Betty so well! what a dear sarah is! thankful to have met her because of you!

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